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Mel is pleased to offer a monthly newsletter available at no charge.  The publication focuses on topics of interest related to mediation and arbitration.  To subscribe please click the button below to be taken to the online signup form.  In addition he has provided a series of suggested readings and links to resources available on the internet.



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There are many professional associations devoted to the development of ADR practices, standards, and education, offering many training and conferencing opportunities. Links to the most prominent are listed below.


Harvard Law School: Program on Negotiation

Negotiation Resource Center,

Scotwork Negotiating Skills

The Center for Information Technology and
Dispute Resolution

United States Institute of Peace

Texas also has numerous dispute resolution centers, at both academic and community levels, offering a broad range of ADR services and education to lawyers and other professionals. There are three academic or professional institutes of note:

The A.A. White Dispute Resolution Center in Houston, affiliated with the University of Houston

The Center for Public Policy Dispute Resolution in Austin
, affiliated with the University of Texas Law School

The Frank Evans Center for Conflict Resolution in Houston, affiliated with the South Texas College of Law



"I never thought this 3 party construction case would get settled. Difficult parties, a lot of emotions, and competing interests. Mel, your, calm, cool, problem solving approach, and your persistence in making sure the settlement got completed, is among the best I have witnessed from a mediator. I greatly appreciated your effort, but most importantly, my client ended-up appreciating your effort and the outcome."
Cliff Couch, Esq. - Law Offices of Clifford Couch




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